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About NuPaths and Village Helpdesk’s Partnership: Investing in Future IT Professionals

We’re thrilled to reveal a landmark collaboration between Village Helpdesk and NuPaths, geared towards enriching the learning journey of aspiring IT professionals. This synergy between two passionate entities aims to bridge the gap between education and real-world IT challenges, providing an unparalleled launchpad for the IT leaders of tomorrow.

NuPaths, co-founded by the prestigious Harrisburg University, stands out as a torchbearer in technology workforce development. Through their meticulously designed pre-apprenticeship programs, they have been illuminating the path for many, transforming them into adept professionals ready to grapple with specific entry-level roles in the expansive realm of IT. Their six-month rigorous training encompasses a balanced blend of traditional classroom instruction, hands-on labs, projects, and, importantly, certifications from IT juggernauts like CompTIA and Microsoft.

Village Helpdesk, in its relentless pursuit to bolster the IT community, has proudly partnered with NuPaths to roll out a full-tuition scholarship. This is not just a scholarship; it’s an embodiment of our unwavering belief in the potential of budding IT talents. The lucky beneficiaries will have the choice to enroll in one of three cornerstone programs offered by NuPaths: IT Security Analyst, Network Technician, or Technical Support Specialist. Beyond just the course fees, the scholarship encapsulates all course materials, state-of-the-art lab equipment, and the fees for certification exams.

The fusion of Village Helpdesk’s vision and NuPaths’ expertise is more than just a partnership; it’s a revolution. It’s about recognizing potential, nurturing talent, and crafting the IT maestros of tomorrow.

So, if you’re poised at the cusp of an IT career, yearning to soar, here’s your golden ticket. Dive into this phenomenal opportunity and shape your future.

Take the leap. Apply for the scholarship today!

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